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New Releases: Space and Me

Can I have a moment? Do you need a moment? What is a moment? What do you do in a moment? If I need a few moments, does it change the effect of the moment?

Review: No Place For Us

No Place For Us by author Glenn Quentin has a way of transporting the reader into a dimly lit room surrounded by poetry-slam performers. 

Interview: Healing The World As An Artist

Actor, writer, producer Glenn Quentin is offering the world a way to express creation and experience different perspectives with the formation of Higher Vibrations Collective, an artist collective that he has created to change narratives and how we in certain communities experience ourselves.

Interview: DiamondKesawn Interviews Author Glenn Quentin

Tune in as I (DiamondKesawn) get up close and personal with Author, Glenn Quentin as we discuss his new book entitled, “No Place For Us.”


Interview: Playwright/Director Glenn Quentin on his Provocative Play "CrackBaby"

Actor, writer, director, and producer Glenn Quentin sat down with us to discuss his latest theatrical venture, the world premiere of CrackBaby.


Review: CrackBaby

It is a lucid ride down the rabbit hole, with exquisite touches of magic realism juxtaposing the gritty landscape. The ensemble is top notch, bringing equal joy and sorrow with pitch perfect precision. In Quentin, we find a courageous pioneer with a radical voice, helming a faultless coming of age allegory under the waters of inner city blues. In the face of sobering truths, you will delight in this prelude to the future, where lost boys are the causalities of a bygone terrene.