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No Homo | No Hetero At-A-Glance


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"In Quentin, we find a courageous pioneer with a radical voice" 

No Homo | No Hetero At-A-Glance

No Homo | No Hetero: Sexual Fluidity and Manhood in Black America explores the complexities, challenges, and beauty of being Black, bisexual and a man in the United States. Through interviews of cisgender and transgender men and their family, friends, and lovers, performance art, and archival footage, this docupoem invites the audience to experience the politics of living and loving authentically at the contentious intersection of racism, biphobia, and toxic masculinity. The documentary will be released in the summer of 2019.

Executive Producers and Co-Directors: David J Cork and H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams

Producer: Glenn Quentin

Director of Photography: Paul Notice

Sound Coordinator/Recordist: Denzil Xavier

Carrington's Rules

Carrington's Rules

written by Glenn Quentin

directed by Cedric Hill

executive produced by Chantal Jean Pierre

produced by David J. Cork and Glenn Quentin

When Mr. and Mrs. Henderson have to make an emergency trip they call on the services of Mrs. Carrington. The Henderson children have sent every single nanny running to the hills. Will the Henderson three be too much for Mrs. Carrington to manage?

CrackBaby the Play


written and directed by: Glenn Quentin

starring: Mario C. Brown, Glenn Quentin, David J. Cork and Pierre Jean Gonzalez

We all know not to get high on your own supply but, how can you push a product you don't know? Four brothers pull off a heist that changes their lives and celebrate by taking hits off the new euphoric pipeline.

Showtime Trailer (Midtown International Theatre Festival 2017)

by Krystina Bailey
directed by Glenn Quentin
produced by Krystina Bailey and Maxx Brawer

featuring Noel Anthony Martinez, Travis Demetri, Barron B. Bass, Christin Cato, Chris Gwynn and Pierre Jean Gonzalez

Additional creative team includes Barron B. Bass (Sound Design), D Malik Beckford (Train Conductor Voice Over) and Pierre Jean Gonzalez (Choreography)


You Can't Die Here

written & directed by: Paul Notice

starring: Glenn Quentin, Kwaku Driskell and Antonio Silva

When a high school student is forced on an errand to Trader Joe's, he runs into a stranger who might be able to save his life.. at a cost. "You Can't Die Here" explores the violence against unarmed Black men in a way that hasn't been seen before.

Show Reel

Glenn Quentin Show Reel 2017

Boardwalk Empire | Blue Bloods | Toast | Bi: The Webseries | Master of None Demo 



written by Melissa Mickens

produced by Glenn Quentin and Melissa Mickens

 M, a 20-something actress in New York City, fed up with having to fit into the industry's "black girl" box, and decides to break convention, sort of, and become a hip-hop star, who will then book oodles of acting work. M, makes an extreme choice and you (the audience) get to join her for the ride. 

Dinner with the Stevensons

Dinner with the Stevensons is a play written by Glenn Quentin.

EDWARD a young man on the 18th anniversary of his day of birth has plans to leave his house for the first time, he wants to see the world for his own eyes, not as his mother MARIANE wants it to be. Unfortunately for young Edward, the rooting and support of his mother's dolls may not be enough to get him to the other side of the door. In this wild comedy, we meet his sisters and some of the dolls of the home that are simple playthings to the one who controls the realm in this play. Sit back, and enjoy Dinner with the Stevensons, a family you'll quote and grow to love, be lucky you're an audience member and not a guest.

Bi: The Webseries

Bi: the Webseries

created and written by David J. Cork

produced and directed by Glenn Quentin and Ashton Pina

Bi: The Webseries is a scripted series that follows Alex, a young hopeless romantic, juggling friends, work and more importantly, sexuality.

# TOO BE FRANK (web series)


written by Frank Williams

directed by Glenn Quentin 

director of photography | edited by King Lexx

“Too Be Frank” is a comedy-drama that follows the life of Franklin (Frank) who is highly addicted to social media and his iPhone. Throughout each episode, viewers hack into the world of Frank’s phone, ultimately knowing the true reality versus what he portrays on social media. “Too Be Frank” will explore the pros and cons to living with an addiction to social media along with the outcomes it can have on your family, friends, narcissism, and even self-hatred.

A Walk Within - Short film

A Walk Within

written and directed by Yaniel Paulino

produced by Glenn Quentin

"A Walk Within" follows the story of a young girl Ellie, after ups and downs in her life, she tries to follow her dreams.  She ends up in a frustrated cycle of no achievements.  When everything seems useless a mysterious book finds her.  As she reads the book, she identifies herself with the story.  

Best Short Film at Los Angeles Cinefest

Best Short Film & Best Actress Dana Wilton at Light and Movement Film Festival October 2016