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Small thoughts shared when in transit.  Adding light to your day. 

Write your life...

I’ve been in love with words for as long as I can remember.  

As a child, I’d bury myself in books transporting my mind and soul to places crafted by extraordinary imagination. My body, for the most part technically in its original location to the untrained eye.  But I swooned over words wonderous affections.  Be it my youth, be it from family protection, be it, exceptional early educators, the world shielded me from the words of harm, chaos, and destruction.  

There are countless times where words have supported me and many a time where my words, your words, our words let me down.

And in the "let down" I’m now clear if ever I’ve felt my words didn’t make space for my vision, I get to restring the web and catch its desired intention, or not. My words, my choice.  Leading me thus to share some lessons I’ve picked up on my transit journey thus far. 

“It’s not that deep”

I’m a pretty chill dude and “it’s not that deep” at one point was my phrase of life.  There are so many ways it works but in reflection, I think another page in my journey has turned to illuminate how that phrase might hold my life’s optimal expression hostage.  

Some stories may or may not have happened… 

Script to Stage: Work not so deep
Glenn woke up late and plays the mantra “it’s not that deep” taking his time because life gets to provide.  And it does but because Glenn lacked urgency and common basic integrity in his relationship to work for the fifth time this month, his manager called and tells him he is relieved of his duties and would need to seek employment elsewhere.  So Glenn says “it's not that deep” because the world gets to provide but it’s now attached to searching for further employment and because it’s so chill the phone doesn’t ring and Glenn used his savings and times is about to get a little real. How can one have the expectation of success while holding complacency in hand?

Today I see my life as deep.  What I’m up to matters. And you reading this matter and what you’re doing matters.  


Script to Stage: What I remember…
So details quite fuzzy but I was in elementary school in an afterschool program and I shouted to another kid “I hate you.” I don’t remember the kid or how I got worked up to that proclamation.  However one of the afterschool facilitators, let’s call her the Love Angel firmly told me to never use that word.  I never questioned it, it vanished from my vocabulary.  Maybe I was brainwashed but that word feels ugly to me.  And the evidence is out there. Hate kills.  So like choices yeah.  And if you have to be diminishing, go for loath.  One, it’s far more interesting because hate is so far far far far far below the baseline of humanity.  And yes every word matters but if we could lose a word for the betterment of all humankind, I’d campaign to start there. 

We get to practice. Repeat an action. Repeat an activity. Repeat the skill. Repeat. Repeating till whats voiced shows up in sight. 

I am filled with gratitude each and every day. I get to play with words infinite selection and arrangement in every moment in life.  I get to use my gifts. 

Do important things such as write in this request that


Keeping it abundantly deep, grounded in love and light. 

Be Blessed