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Because of Connection

When I think about all the great things that are happening in my life and the lives of my friends, I’m clear that CONNECTION adds to our ABUNDANCE.

As a collective race it is often easy to forget just how much we crave one another. How much we yearn for the presence and energy of our fellow human. I grew up hearing the phrase “you’re born in this world alone, you’ll die alone.” I get that notion, however, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth because it essentially makes one believe that everything has to be done in solidarity.

Independent was a word of choice I wore with an armor of glee, that supported me in my growth until it was replaced gracefully with the term interdependence for resonating truth. Even as I type on this computer to share out some thoughts, I know that I do not know the first step in building a computer. I’ve never raised chickens for the eggs I cooked this morning, even more, I didn’t create the dish detergent used to clean up after.

I offer that we come into this world to be apart of the chaos, to add to the splendor.

Because of connection, another dream of mine came to light yesterday. After being released from a job last year, it was in addition to my connection with family, friends and world support that provided the time so I could map out ways in which I wanted to leave a legacy behind. There was some beat up on my part, especially when I was so conditioned to attaching my self worth to having a job. I’m grateful for connection because in the interim I gained clarity about what I wanted to do to add value to the world.

Higher Vibrations Collective, a producing collective aimed to shift the next generation with a youth initiative promoting agency, self-awareness and youth advocacy was just an idea. An idea nurtured and talked about. An idea that turned into a website that turned into cultivating curriculum and workshops for institutions. An idea that seemed impossible given I had no past evidence that this could work out.

Yes, I’d been teaching for many years, yes I’ve produced for many years but doubt attempted to cloud my vision and take control. And the fear of failure before beginning seemed to settle right on in. But because of connection, many friends kept encouraging me that it would all work out. So with meetings set and contracts later approved, this vision became a reality. HVC is currently presenting its first Youth Drama Program with After-School All-Stars at Achievement First because of connection.

The great news is that this is just the beginning. This is always the beginning for each of us if we name it as such.

I encourage if you’re reading to stay present with those you love and care about. The next time someone tells you about a dream, ask them how you can support. Even if you think you don’t know how you’ll be able to. I think you’ll surprise yourself. You know someone who knows someone who can add to their masterpiece. And don’t forget your vision, share out what you need. We the World only can provide when we know what’s wanted.

Because of connection dreams are met and the world gets to say yes because you’re worth it.

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