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Shifting Expectations

I write somewhat with a heavy heart with the attempt to shift my expectation for a brighter world.

In a world as vast as this, with ample space for communities to exist with different perspectives, I feel for my kin who were taught to hate.

We are born with love, there is not one baby in the world that uses their first breath with the intent to harm. Children smile because they remember the profound truths that connect us all. Before society fixes to place us above or below in status of false creation we exist as equal.

I acknowledge that balance gets to exist in a good and bad, light and dark, in and out, large and small and all in between but I’m choosing healing for something past the binary for humans worldwide.

If you grew up expecting that the world would provide, likely life gave you the evidence to support your thinking. Expecting that when you reached for a hug, no one would be around, then your life story gets colored with sorrow and pain.

I’m writing because I expect that love will win.

In this world where some want to “rule” using fear, those selfish pretend to lead and mediocrity seems to reign supreme.

In a belief that there isn’t enough, that choosing to be authentically causes reason to aim spiteful targets on your life, and the idea of war makes you feel safe.

Let’s expect abundance for everyone. Let’s expect the media to shower us with celebrations instead of devastations. Let’s expect better days from here after.

For what happens after our last breath has never been recorded, expect that peace is now.

Love and Light

Glenn QuentinComment