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Small thoughts shared when in transit.  Adding light to your day. 

All in All

We are all just a tiny fraction of the world at large.  Repeating a litany of daily actions to survive, revealing a light on our purpose in this space.

We choose to grow and understand another. We choose to see past the surface and what lies ahead.  To leave the planet better than how we found it. 

And yet many can also choose to hold firm in their truths for it is writ on ink in declaration of the meaning of right. 

It may be written down on an old book or scroll collecting dust,  some absurd words strung together somehow edifying a belief that was never true to begin with.  

But at some point I have to do what's best for me.  Everyone else is taking care of themselves. I've got to support myself, I've got to create my way. 

Do embrace yourself.  Do celebrate yourself. But notice if your triumphs cause others turmoil.  

What if we picked our family members? What if you chose to see everyone as your blood? What if in our world we made sure not to leave anyone back? What if? What if?

I'll leave with this quote...

"Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold." -Andre Maurois

Many blessings



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